So I’m going to Italy… (and also I’m not dead).


Shock horror everyone, I’m not dead! I realize now that my *cough* slightly extended *cough* hiatus may have led the majority of you to lose faith in my improbable travel plans, but I can assure you it was for the best of reasons, as I have in fact been busy planning. ‘And what might that be for, Anna?’… well my lovely lot, I’m delighted to tell you that in a weeks time, I will in fact be in the glorious Mediterranean sunshine with a glass of Merlot in hand,  being waited on by the drop dead gorgeous Pablo, my Italian waiter (let me dream). That’s right… you can catch me in Italia living it up large come only a week tomorrow- except not really living it up large, because we are kind of stopping in a shabby looking hotel and we are kind of doing everything on a budget but still, ITALIA QUI VENIAMO!

It was quite the spontaneous decision. In the past month or so we had gone from looking at Spain to Greece to Turkey to Greece again, and there just wasn’t much that tickled our fancy. Every travel agent we went us told us the same thing. ‘Italy is too expensive for girls your age’, ‘it’s impractical’, ‘it’s impossible to do on a budget’… and all the prices were evidence of that. Pristine and polished hotels ran by well established owners for well established people, we were beginning to realize just how high-end Italy appeared to be. We have however been set on it for a while now though, and it was only on the off chance that a little slightly shabbier looking hotel just off Sorrento popped up whilst we scrolled the internet one day, ticking all the boxes. Our base. Our place to rest our heads. Not exactly how you should think when booking a holiday, but it was perfect for us, so within a week we had booked it.

…And I am beyond excited to share my experience with you, my lovely readers! It will be as if I’m packing you in my suitcase and taking you with me; I’ll be treating my blog posts as my daily diary entries, so I can assure you that you’ll get to hear everything! We’ve got a sort of shambolic, sketchy plan at the moment of where we’ll go and what we want to see. But we’re trying not to plan too much, because the way we see it, it’s all part and parcel of the enjoyment of traveling. Carpe diem and what not. Anyhoo, our rather messy plan is as follows: spend a day pretending to be the daughters of millionaires on the island of Capri, spend a day spending money that I don’t have shopping in Naples, a day marveling over the great Mount Vesuvius, a day relaxing on the lovely beaches of Sorrento, and a day being morbid whilst looking at the preserved bodies of Pompeii. I am so very excited! For now though, I am scarily under-prepared packing wise, and am coming to the realization that whilst writing this very blog post I probably could have done something a lot more productive in preparation. Ah well.

Aaaand guess what? I’m going to Amsterdam too! I feel that that’s another story for another time though (and it would actually give me something interesting to blog about for once, my goodness). Again, apologies for being so quiet, but I solemnly swear to be a changed perpetual blogger from now on. I would be really interested to know if any of you have been to Italy either traveling or on a holiday, and have any suggestions. What do you think about my sketchy plans so far? Are any of you able to recommend some good spots for younger people too? Advise me! Let me know! Fill my brain with your endless knowledge my loved ones! I shall be saying ta-ta for now though. Will blog again soon.


Anna xo





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