When in Rome.

So, now we’re all set on the idea of interrailing, it’s time to figure out where in the world we want to go. So… how do we decide? Well, we could always be very spontaneous, close our eyes and throw a dart at a map… but unfortunately that isn’t very practical. If it landed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean for example, we would be, as they say in France, baisée. So instead we’re weighing up our options.


At the moment, Italy seems to be the favourite place. Lots of culture, lots of sun, lots of lovely food (and lots of attractive Italian men of course). The plan for the time being seems to be Venice to Florence to Rome to Naples to Pompeii to Sorrento. It all looks decent enough on paper (or a screen in this case) but there is that teeny weeny problem of the cost. So, it seems we’ll have to travel on a budget. Hostels will most likely have a big involvement in our so called travel adventure. As someone who is slightly socially awkward to say the least, I’ll admit that the idea of sleeping next to strangers puts me on edge a bit. Saying that though, I may just benefit from stepping out of my comfort zone- something tells me that being at ease living with strangers will be enough to eventually bring me out of my shell a bit, and I’ll hopefully get used to the sound of snoring after a while.


So when are we going? Hopefully the Summer of 2017. When you’re travelling on a budget, you have to be careful to avoid peak times. However, when you’re also keen to get a tan, you’ve got to wait ‘til the Sun’s at its strong point. Everyone knows us Northern girls will always have a strong deep rooted obsession with tanning, so if I’m still as pale as a milk bottle when I come home, I’ll be disappointed to say the least. I’m thinking maybe I’ll make a to-do list for my travels, just to make things a bit more interesting. Number 1 will be to get a tattoo, as there’s nothing more stereotypically spontaneous. If any of you have a few cheeky outgoing suggestions for me to add to that, I’d be happy to hear them! Also, if any of you have ever been to Italy or are planning to go and you have some advice, I’d love to hear it! Now that we’ve got a rough idea of how it might actually go, I’m really looking forward to getting to the good stuff with you all!


Hope to update soon,

Anna xo



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