A sudden inclination.

They say that travel broadens the mind, and I very much believe that this is true. Since deciding to take a gap year after college, I’ve been living a fairly average life. I gained a full time job in retail, began driving lessons and even treated myself to the occasional night out. However, it was only a few weeks ago that I had a sudden inclination that my life is too average. Of course, I don’t want to be too unrealistic, but I became aware very suddenly that you’re only young once- however cliché that may sound. At eighteen, the world is my oyster (or so they say). I became drawn to the idea of travelling and found myself asking, why not? Is there a better way to spend a gap year? In my opinion, definitely not. There is so much in the world that I haven’t seen, yet so much that I am dying to see.

I am not cultured. I’ll admit, the furthest I’ve travelled is Benidorm (classy, I know). I want to go to places that are outside my comfort zone. Barnsley is lovely low-key little town, but I want to see bustling streets and taste new foods and talk to strangers. Interrailing seems to be the ‘in thing’ with my generation. I realize it won’t be all that luxurious, but that’s all part of it! It’ll be travelling on a budget, and that’s all part of the fun! I believe it’s what they call carpe diem… living for the moment.

And so it was from my sudden inclination that I came to create this blog which will be based around my little musings and travel plans. Whilst the actual travelling won’t be taking place until next year, I still have a lot of planning to do. A months travelling will need a lot of preparation- especially from a girl who’s only been as far as Benidorm. I felt it would be nice to keep a blog of the whole experience, an online diary for me to look back on. I’m hoping to include all the ups and downs of my experience, so you lot can either laugh at it or learn from it! I’ll be updating as much as possible too! If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them. 🙂


Bye for now,

Anna xo






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  1. thesweatergiraffe says:

    I’m also taking a gap year before university by living abroad and it’s been some of the best few months of my life so far. I wish you the best on your adventure!

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    1. Aw thank you that’s so good to hear! I’m really looking forward to it 🙂

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